CD Review: Jihad – Live In Bratislava 28-02-2015 – Dark EBM Souls

JIHAD was a band on the periphery of the Texas dark electro scene which gave us MENTALLO & THE FIXER and BENESTROPHE. JIHAD’s first and only release was ‘A Prayer In The Night’ in 1997, now reissued in a deluxe digital format featuring rare compilation tracks. After years of dormancy JIHAD contributed an exclusive track to the 2011 4-CD compilation ‘Old School Electrology Volume One’ from Electro Aggression Records (EAR). The band followed this up with an appearance on the first EAR mixtape. In recent years JIHAD has also been contributing remixes to a variety of acts including OBJECT, TERMINAL STATE, TEAR!DOWN, PYRROLINE, KFACTOR, MC1R and UNIVERSAL SOLDIER. The band is now no longer the work of two brothers, James and Rich Mendez, but instead the work of James Mendez exclusively. An informative interview with James was previously published by Reflections of Darkness at this location. The interview gives much…(for full review see the Reflections of Darkness post here.)

Cover for Jihad - Live In Bratislave 28.02.2013 - Dark EBM Souls

Cover for Jihad – Live In Bratislave 28.02.2013 – Dark EBM Souls

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