CD Review: N3VOA – Wasted Memories

N3VOA is the work of Diego Bittencourt, an EBM/ Synth Pop artist from New York City. After a childhood spent in São Paoul, Brazil, Diego moved to the United States at age 12. He became interested in music, initially drumming for death metal act DEATHRUNE. But his interests over time veered toward electronic music, with influences including DEPECHE MODE, SKINNY PUPPY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and LEÆTHER STRIP. Diego self-released the first N3VOA album, ‘Solitude’, in May of 2014. The maxi-single ‘Wasted Memories’ was released in April of 2016, teasing the just recently released ‘Hopes & Dreams’ 3-disc box set. The first thing I noticed about ‘Wasted Memories’ is the unique format. The EP starts out with six original songs, then follows with remixes of the same songs, one remix for each minus ‘The Beauty Of Darkness’, with the exception of ‘Anguish’ which gets two remixes. This is a great format… (for full review see the Reflections of Darkness post here.)

Cover image for N3VOA 'Wasted Memories'.

Cover image for N3VOA ‘Wasted Memories’.

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