The Opposer Divine | Barb Wire Around Your Neck (review)

The Opposer Divine 'Barb Wire Around Your Neck' cover artwork

The Opposer Divine ‘Barb Wire Around Your Neck’ cover artwork.

The Opposer Divine features Minor (Boris Mutina), the live and support keyboardist of Slovakian act Terminal State. The Opposer Divine has had 2 previous digital releases, available for free under a Creative Commons license, which makes Barb Wire Around Your Neck essentially their debut album. The Opposer Divine seamlessly blend influences from EBM, ambient, IDM, soundtrack music, sci-fi themes and more, all in a contemporary dark electro framework.

Released on the Aliens Productions label, The Opposer Divine joins a growing number of Slovakian bands that have gained international exposure, among them dISHARMONY, Terminal State and Kneel in Front of the Executioner. The Slovakian sound seems to have developed into a futuristic, high-tech hybrid of classic dark electro and more contemporary forms of electronic music, such as idm or glitch.

Not surprisingly, the album also features a helping hand from related artists, including processing by Chris XX of Terminal State and mastering by Arnte or Pyrroline. Terminal State and Pyrroline also contribute remixes, along with mulpHia and Die Produktivität. This release is highly recommended for fans of complex dark electro and especially for fans of dISHARMONY, Terminal State and Pyrroline.


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