The Opposer Divine | Reverse//Human (review)

The Opposer Divice 'Reverse//Human' cover artwork

The Opposer Divice ‘Reverse//Human’ cover artwork.

Released just over a year after debut The Opposer Divine album, Barb Wire Around Your Neck (see review here), Reverse//Human reflects the project moving in new musical directions. Sole member Minor (Boris Mutina), live and support keyboardist of Slovakian act Terminal State, here presents a more focused vision. With less experimentation the project more closely fits in a dark electro framework, while continuing to dabble in other electronic genres such as ambient or IDM.

This is complex dark electro at its very best – beautiful, punishing and uncompromising. The Opposer Divine remains one of the more interesting projects I’ve found in recent years, and I love this new direction in sound. The Opposer Divine present here a mature release that stands on its own. Every song is compelling, including the instrumental track “Ice Planet”, built around samples from Charles Manson’s court testimony.

The music can be appreciated as dark electro or EBM, but there is so much going on musically that genre descriptions do not really fit. Once again mastered by Arnte of Pyrroline Reverse//Human will have you listening for hours on end, truly a great album. Highly recommended for fans of dark electro projects such as yelworC, Terminal State, amGod, and kFactor.

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