Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains tribute) live in Lynnwood, WA

On July 11, 2015 Jar Of Flies (the ultimate AIC experience), a Seattle-based Alice In Chains tribute, performed at Sound Check Bar & Grill in Lynnwood, WA. Also performing that evening were Outshined (Tribute To Soundgarden & Temple Of The Dog) and Scarecrow Messiah. Jar Of Flies is actually a “sister band” of sorts with Outshined, as the bands share the same band members, except feature different singers. Scarecrow Messiah performs original songs but also features members of both Jar Of Flies and Outshined.

The members of Jar Of Flies are:

The set-list pulled liberally from the early years of the Alice In Chains catalog, with 6 songs from Facelift and 8 songs from Dirt. Also represented were Sap and Jar Of Flies (1 song each) and the self-titled album Alice In Chains (3 songs). At the start of the set singer Rane Stone made a heartfelt dedication to deceased Alice In Chains members Layne Staley and Mike Starr. It was nice to see Mike Starr included in the dedication, as I’ve always felt him to be an integral member of the band’s sound. In some ways Alice In Chains lost their way when Starr left after recording Dirt.

Jar Of Flies did a fantastic job this evening. I was excited to hear so much material from Facelift, the album that got me interested in Alice In Chains in the first place. Singer Rane Stone does an excellent rendition of Layne Staley, capturing not only his powerful vocals but also his stage persona, complete with leather pants and jacket, sunglasses and black cowboy hat. I saw Alice In Chains twice back in 1993, and I get the same feeling from watching Jar Of Flies today. But imagine watching Alice In Chains at a small intimate setting, playing a “perfect” set-list. That’s the live experience of Jar Of Flies, and that’s what I feel every good tribute band strives for.

But don’t take my word for it. Below are four live recordings from the July 11 Jar Of Flies show, the songs “Man In The Box”, “Down In A Hole”, “Would?” and “Rooster.”


The full set-list for the July 11 Jar Of Flies (the ultimate AIC experience) show is below:

  1. It Ain’t Like That from Facelift
  2. Sea Of Sorrow from Facelift
  3. Again from Alice In Chains
  4. Bleed The Freak from Facelift
  5. Them Bones from Dirt
  6. Dam That River from Dirt
  7. Rain When I Die from Dirt
  8. Sunshine from Facelift
  9. I Stay Away from Jar Of Flies
  10. Sludge Factory from Alice In Chains
  11. We Die Young from Facelift
  12. Down In A Hole from Dirt
  13. Grind from Alice In Chains
  14. Junkhead from Dirt
  15. Dirt from Dirt
  16. Got Me Wrong from Sap
  17. Rooster from Dirt
  18. Angry Chair from Dirt
  19. Man In The Box from Facelift
  20. Love Hate Love from Facelift
  21. Would? From Dirt

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