Rob Gee: Na Na / Fuck Osama Bin Laden (review)

Cover of Rob Gee "Na Na / Fuck Osama Bin Laden"

Cover of Rob Gee ‘Na Na / Fuck Osama Bin Laden’

“U.S., U.S., U.S.A., Oh How I Love This Country!!!!!! Fuck Al-queda And Terrorism!!!!!! Fuck Osama Bin Laden!!!!!!”

If these lyrics don’t seem like they would fit well into any song format…well, they don’t fit here, either, on Rob Gee’s Na Na / Fuck Osama Bin Laden (2003).The centerpiece of this record was recorded live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. It’s more or less and older Rob Gee track, “Na Na,” with some ad-libbed patriotism. This is straight hardcore techno at its simplistic best, no frills and no creativity. It is a perfect death threat to Osama bin Laden, in other words.

Having never been to New York and with no friends or family there, it is easy to view the events of September 11th, 2001 as an abstract. The raw emotion of this track, though, especially the live version, brings home a pain and confusion that I never really understood. An electricity of vengeance permeates the air, augmented by live scratching and a sparse piano riff that sounds eerily like the theme song to Cops. Indeed, what would Osama do, if Rob Gee came for him?

Another standout track is “W.T.C.” by Atroa, recorded on Sept. 12, 2001. A choked-up George W. Bush is sampled liberally, against a simplistic gabber formula of anger, followed by hope (with Enya-style vocals), and then revenge. The B-side features of “Na Na” without the bin Laden theme, in other words decent, uninspired hardcore. The final track is a sped-up cover of “Na Na” by Atroa, bringing a gabber edge and death metal guitar riffs to the table.

This is a good hardcore single from Rob Gee and, while it is nothing really unique, it is a sobering reminder of September 11th.

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This review was originally written for Industrial Nation Issue #20, published in August of 2004 (estimated). There were 15,000 copies printed.

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