Various Artists: Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation

Cover artwork for 'Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation'

Cover for Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation

If you’ve been sleeping on the whole terror EBM phenomenon, Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation from Arkansas’s BLC Productions provides a neat little primer. Including unreleased material from mainstays Hocico, Dioxyde, and Tactical Sekt, this CD is hard enough to satisfy the underground, but with a danceable edge to keep any floor packed.

BLC provides a diversity of material, some of it sounding like vintage Klinik, other tracks bordering on noisy future pop. Most of the CD sounds like Suicide Commando and puppy dog tails, a kinder and gentler Commando for the 21st century. Some tracks give off the menacing vibe of yelworC, others still invoke the melancholy of early Pain Station.

The fun of any compilation is learning about new bands and labels. No exception here. It is an added pleasure, though, to not have to push the skip button after every other song. With over 30 tracks, you really can’t go wrong with Interbreeding II: Industrial Mutation unless you completely hate the harder side of EBM.

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[This review was originally written for Industrial Nation Issue #21, published in July of 2005 (estimated). There were 15,000 copies printed.]

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